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Chalk Maple; Whitebarked Maple

Scientific Name; Acer leucoderme - Acer saccharum ssp. leucoderme

Chalk Maple

Hardiness Zones: 5-9, Habit: Deciduous. Growth Rate is classed as Slow. Site Requirements: Sun to shade; moist, well drained soil. The Chalk Maple is considered drought tolerant. Tree texture is medium. The form is oval to rounded. The tree will often grow multi-stemmed unless trimmed as single stem style when young.

Chalk maple Height: 25 to 30', Width: 25'. Leaf: Opposite, simple leaves; brilliant yellow-orange to cardinal crimson fall color.

Native pale gray to chalky white bark on upper part of trunk; often considered a "smaller version" of sugar maple. The Chalk Maple is pest free and has excellent heat tolerance. The Chalk Maple is excellent as a street tree or in a front yard that gets full sun.


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