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Hedge Maple

Scientific Name: Acer campestre
Hedge Maple Cultivars: Pulverulentum (Cream flecked leaves), Royal Ruby

Hedge Maple


Hardiness Zones:  4-8, habit: deciduous, growth rate: Slow, site requirements: sun to light shade; moist, well drained soil; tolerates drought, air pollution, wind, slightly wet and compacted soil. Texture: medium, form: rounded; dense; often branched to the ground. Height: 25 to 35', width: 25 to 35'. Leaf: 2 to 4" opposite, simple leaves with 3 to 5 rounded lobs; sometimes develops yellow to yellow green fall color late in the season.

Flower/Fruit: Not showy, the hedge maple is easy to transplant and is excellent as a street tree or for front yards. It cast dense shade when mature and has a shallow root system.

The shallow root system can be a problem for grass or side walks but is less likely to invade your sewer lines. Deep watering done fewer days per week instead of light watering every day will help the roots go deep instead of staying on the surface and becoming a problem. Deep watering is better for your lawn also.

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