Flame Amur Maple tree, Acer ginnala


Mature Height :
15-20 feet
Mature Spread :
15-28 feet
Mature Form :
Round multi-stemmed
Growth Rate :
Sun Exposure :
Full Sun - Full Shade
Soil Moisture :
Drought, heat tolerant
Soil Type :
Widely adaptable
Flower Color :
White - fragrant
Foliage Color :
Fall Color :
Zones :
3 - 8
 Price: $34.95

The Flame Amur Maple tree, Acer ginnala, is usually a multi-stemmed tree, noted for its fiery-red autumn color.

Its summer color is green, but is mixed with bright red samaras or 'helicopters' in mid summer.

Flame Amur Maple trees are extremely hardy and drought resistant once established. They make an excellent screen or hedge. They leaf out early and cast dense shade.

It is a vigorous grower that is very tolerant of temperature extremes.


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