Japanese Red Maple tree, Acer Palmatum

Mature Height :
20 feet
Mature Spread :
20 feet
Mature Form :
Growth Rate :
Sun Exposure :
Full Sun - Partial Sun
Soil Moisture :
Moist - well drained
Soil Type :
Loam, organic
Flower Color :
Not showy
Foliage Color :
Green to purple
Fall Color :
Zones :
5 - 8


 Price: $39.95

The Japanese Red Maple tree, Acer Palmatum Autropurpeum, is by far, one of the most popular ornamental plants in the plant kingdom.

This small deciduous tree is a very showy, versatile species.

Japanese Red Maple trees are used as a single specimen or in borders or groupings. The leaves are reddish-purple in spring and again in fall. The Japanese Red Maple tree is used to create a unique bonsai tree.

The classic Japanese maple has red-purple leaves which turn a brilliant red in autumn.


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