The Sugar Maple tree, Acer Saccharum

Outstanding Fall Color and sweet Maple Syrup

Mature Height :
50-70 feet
Mature Spread :
30-45 feet
Mature Form :
Conical to round
Growth Rate :
Sun Exposure :
Full Sun - Partial Sun
Soil Moisture :
Widely adaptable
Soil Type :
Widely adaptable
Flower Color :
Greenish yellow
Foliage Color :
Fall Color :
Orange and red
Zones :
5 - 8




 Price: $64.95

Good Value - Great fall color - Moderate growth - Great tree !

The Sugar Maple tree, Acer Saccharum, is one of our most majestic deciduous trees.

It is excellent for large shade or lawn locations. The Sugar Maple has a dense crown with glossy dark green, heavily waxed leaves.

It is one of our best trees for fall color when leaves turn brilliant red or yellow-orange. The sap of the Sugar Maple is often collected in the spring to make many flavorful confections. Does not do well in restricted root zone.

It has majestic, brilliant fall color and dense shade.


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