Three-flower Maple

Scientific Name: Acer triflorum

Three-flower Maple - Acer triflorum

Three-flower Maple

Hardiness Zones: 4-9, Habit: Deciduous, Growth Rate: Slow to moderate. Site Requirements: Sun to shade; prefers moist, well drained soil; drought and clay soil tolerant; not tolerant of soil compaction and wet soil.

Texture: Medium, Form: Rounded and compact when grown in full sun; upright and spreading when grown in shade, Height: 20 to 30’

Leaf: Trifoliate leaf; brilliant orange, scarlet, purple and gold fall color; one of the few trees to develop good fall color in shade
Flower/Fruit: Pink to greenish yellow cluster of 3 flowers; fruit persists into winter

Warm light brown to cinnamon-red peeling bark, even at an early age; not readily available due to difficulty in propagation; no serious pest problems; casts moderate to dense shade; easy to transplant.

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