Trident Maple
Scientific Name: Acer buergeranum

Trident Maple

Hardiness Zones: 5-8, Habit: Deciduous, Growth Rate: Slow to moderate, Site Requirements: Sun; well drained soil; tolerates dry, infertile sites, Texture: Medium Form: Upright; rounded crown, Height: 25 to 35', Width: 20 to 30'.
Leaf: 1.5 to 3.5" opposite, simple leaf with 3 lobes; new growth often bronze to purple; yellow, orange, red fall color; colors later than most maples
Flower/Fruit: Insignificant flower
Tolerant of wind, salt, drought, air pollution, and soil compaction; may suffer breakage with ice storms; fall color varies greatly; possible tree for restricted root zone sites; with age bark exfoliates revealing gray, orange, brown color; does not develop leaf scorch during drought.

The Trident Maple is a popular bonsai subject - see photos.

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