Japanese Maple

Scientific Name: Acer Palmatum
Japanese Maple Cultivars: See table below for partial list

Japanese Maple

Hardiness Zones: 5-8, habit: deciduous, growth rate: Slow to moderate, site requirements: light dappled shade; evenly moist, well drained soil; protect from drying winds. texture: medium to fine. Form: Low; dense rounded top; spreading branches; assumes a layered look. Height: 15 to 25', width: 10 to 25'.

Japanese Maple Leaf: 2 to 5" opposite, simple leaf with 5 to 9 lobes; green during summer; yellow, bronze, purple to red fall color.

Japanese Maple Flower/Fruit: Small red to purple flowers; attractive if viewed closely but insignificant from a distance.

Comments: Can be grown as single or multi-stemmed small tree; may suffer leaf scorch with excess sun, wind, or drought.

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Japanese Maple Cultivars
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Atropurpureum10 to 14'Purple red to almost black red last well into summer; crimson fall color; large leavesUpright fast growing
Aureo variegatum 1 - 210'Slight variegation but mostly green leaves in spring and summer; small yellow and gold variegation in fall; 5 lobesUpright
Autumn Glory10 to 25'Crimson fall color; broad leavesUpright; broad spread
Bloodgood 1 - 215' to 20'Large leaved; deep red to black red that holds well; bright crimson fall colorVigorous; strong branches; broad topped tree; upright; red seeds; red petioles; blackish red bark; slow grower
Bonfire; Akaji nishiki; SeigaiOrange pink spring (for1 month) and fall color; green in summer; 5 lobesTwisted trunk; short branches; upright; hardy
Burgundy Lace10 to 12'Purplish leaves; turns purplish bronze green in summer; deeply cut lobes
Butterfly7'Small bluish green leaves edged in whiteDoes best with some shade
Crimson Queen8 to 10'Finely cut leaves; bright crimson red new growth; reddish leaves that holds most of the summer; may become bronze green to red; scarlet fall color
Ever Red10 to 15'Finely divided 7 lobes; purple red new foliage fades to purple bronze; crimson red fall colorSmall mound with weeping branches; vigorous
Fascination16'Large dark green leaves with ribbon like lobes; orange fall colorUpright, spreading form; rounded with age
Filiferum purpuneum; Atrolineare8 to 10'Dark black red; may bronze in summer; 5 lobesUpright; twiggy
Garnet10'Gemstone garnet color fades to purple green; best color in sun; red fall colorVigorous
Glowing EmbersSmall dark green leaves; orange red purple fall color; good heat toleranceVigorous; rapid grower
Katsura; Katsura yatsubsaPale yellow orange new leaves with bright orange margins; rich green summer color; bright yellow and orange fall color; small leaves with 5 lobesSmall form; dense foliage with closely spaced twigs; upright habit
Monzukusni8 to 10'Green leaves with hint of reddish overtone; brilliant orange red fall color; 7 lobesVigorous hardy plant; rapid grower when young
Moonfire12 to 15'Purple red to black red leaves; holds color well in summer; 5 to 7 lobes; crimson fall colorStrong upright grower; broad spreading with age rapid grower
Nigrum10'Dark purple red to black red leaves; changes to bronze green in summer with dull yellow to bronze; bright red and crimson fall colorVigorous; rapid grower
Oregon Sunset
Osakazuki15 to 20'5" leaves; rich green summer color; brilliant crimson red fall color; 7 lobesUpright; rounded top with age; tolerates sun, heat, drought; rapid grower when young
Red Filigree Lace6'Deep purple red to maroon leaves; holds well into summer; crimson red fall color; 7 lobes
Red Select
Roseo marginatum; Kagiri nishiki10'5 to 7 lobes; each lobe is a different shape; deep green leaves with bluish cast; white margins with variable width and pink to rose markings; rose markings are more distinct in spring fading in summer; vivid rose crimson markings in fallOpen, upright habit
Sango Kaku20 to 25'Brilliant coral fall and winter color on young stems; reddish tinged new leaves; medium green summer color; yellow gold with light red toned fall colorUpright habit with twiggy stems
Sanguineum15 to 20'Blood red to orange red spring color; 5 to 7 lobes; several variations in cultivars sold using this cultivar nameUpright; spreading
Seiyu10 to 15'Rich green laceleaf summer leaves; each tip has reddish tones; gold, orange, to orange red fall color with suffusion of crimsonUpright vase shape
Sherwood Flame10'Rich reddish purple; color holds well in summer with some fading to reddish green; 7 lobes; red petiolesVigorous; rounded top; rapid growth when young
Shindeshojo5'Bright red in spring; retains for about a month; turns to reddish green; red and orange fall colorShrubby
Tanukeyama; Chirimen kaede10 to 13'Opens deep crimson red in spring; quickly turns dark purple red; holds well in summer; bright scarlet fall color; 7 to 9 deeply cut lobesHardy; strongly cascading
Tsukubane14'Deeply cut leaves with 7 lobes; light red spring color with a green cast at the base; matures to deep brick red with green veins; by fall leaves are dark green with red tones; brilliant crimson fall colorTall, upright; vigorous; broad topped small tree
Ukon5'Yellow green foliage; new growth is yellow; turns bright green with yellow mottling; deep yellow and gold fall color; yellow green petiolesUpright bush form; modest vigor; spreads equals height
Waterfall7 to 10'Deeply divided green leaves; 7 to 9 lobes; fernlike; bright yellow, gold fall color with crimson blendsBranches cascade; does well in full sun; best to stake young plants
Yezo Nishiki; Sinuatum15 to 20'7 lobes; bright, reddish purple new leaves; color deepens in summer; with shade becomes green to red bronze; bright carmine and scarlet fall color; red petiolesUpright; rapid grower when young


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