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Sugar Maple

Scientific Name: Acer Saccharum

Sugar Maple

Hardiness Zones: 4-8, habit: deciduous, growth rate: slow, site requirements: sun to partial shade; prefers evenly moist, well drained soil. Texture: Medium, form: conical to round crown; dense foliage. height: 50 to 75', width: 30 to 45'.

Sugar maple Leaf: 3 to 6" opposite, simple leaf with 3 to 5 lobes; excellent fall color - yellow, orange and red tones. Flower/Fruit: Small greenish yellow flowers in early spring.

Does not do well in a restricted root zone situation; tolerates shade better than most maples; leaf scorch may develop with drought; moderate pollution tolerance.

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Most Popular Cultivar: Green Mountain Sugar Maple


Sugar maple cultivars:
Arrowhead60' by 30'Erect, pyramidal; denseLarge dark green summer leaves; yellow to orange fall color
Bonfire50' by 40'Spreading, broad oval; irregular branchingPolished, medium green summer leaves; modest yellow, orange to red fall color
Caddo30 to 50'Compact; roundedLeathery dark green leaves in summer; heat and drought tolerant; variable fall color yellow, orange, red; does well in mid-western states
Commemoration50' by 35'Oval to rounded; denseGlossy dark green leaves in summer; leaves remain attractive all season; deep orange, yellow and red fall color; rapid grower
Goldspire40' by 15 to 20'Densely columnarDark green leaves; yellow orangish fall color; highly resistant to scorch
Green Mountain70' by 45'Upright ovalHeat, scorch, and drought tolerant; dark green leathery leaves in summer; yellow to orange to reddish orange fall color
Legacy60'Tight oval; denseRapid grower; drought tolerant; glossy dark green, thick leaves in summer; yellow orange fall color
Newton Sentry50' by 15'Upright; numerous short stubby branchesLeathery, dark green summer leaves; yellow orange fall color
Seneca Chief50' by 20'Narrow; dense; oval crownOrange to yellow fall color
Sweet Shadow45' by 35'Rounded to vase shapeDeeply cut, medium green leaves in summer; yellow to orange fall color


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